Semi-Rose CD


CD. 9 fresh tracks.



Boo Reefa’s first album Semi-Rose was recorded over 2014-2015 with engineer/producer Will Mitchell and Jaron Perlman. The album is a sci-fi romance adventure driven by catchy guitar melodies and full of twinkling sibling harmonies. The stunning album art is by the artist Bianca Stone.

1. Extemporaneous Birth 02:53

2. Babies 02:17

3. Robot John Keats 03:21

4. Young Professional Witch 03:18

5. Gettysburg 03:25

6. Armies of Heroin 03:15

7. Beautiful Interesting People 01:58

8. Tigerland 03:21

9. Ghost 03:28
released May 13, 2015

All songs written & performed by Andrew Leidner, Laura Leidner, & Andrew Hale w help from Jaron Pearlman (drums); Heston McRanie (cello); & Will Mitchell (bass, piano, etc.).

Album produced by Boo Reefa & Will Mitchell in Atlanta, Ga. Engineering by Will Mitchell w help from Jaron Perlman. Album artwork by Bianca Stone.

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